CompetitivePrioritizedRamp UpGuidanceDouble down
Quick winAutomatedScenario[s]Timeline(s)Communication
Knowledge TransferCritical Path / IssueBUZZWORD BINGO
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On The Same PageMoving/Going Forward
Back-endInitial AssessmentLevel Playing FieldCross SellExperiences
WorkshopSecret sauceOut of the [Box | Loop]Heavy liftingReverse Engineer
PrioritizedTeam BuildingGuidanceKey Factor / WordsSoup to nuts 24/7
Collaborate / CollaborationBig PictureCapacityInnovation / InnovatedPortfolio
ValueWeb 2.0 / 3.0BUZZWORD BINGO
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Search Engine OptimizationHeavy lifting
Run the NumbersKnowledge TransferBest of BreedOff the ShelfEtched in Stone
BenchmarkExpectationsCompetitiveHerding CatsCall to Action
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