AcquisitionBraindumpFast TrackOpportunityOwnership
Marketing / Promotional CollateralChallenge[s]GrowthProactiveEmpower[ment]
MonetizeOn the back endBUZZWORD BINGO
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Brain Storm / Mind ShowerBackward CompatibleKey Factor / WordsTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO)Value
Control GroupAdvantageSolution(s)One to oneLevel Playing Field
Niche[s]WorkflowBusiness OpportunityDrill DownLanding Page[s]
Tailwind[s]One to oneTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO)ProjectSearch Engine Optimization
ExpectationsChallenge[s]BUZZWORD BINGO
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ReconfigureRamp UpIssuesFunctionalityConvergent
ValueScenario[s]Fast TrackBasicallyCore Competency / Core Competencies
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