StrategicNegotiatedEmailE-commerceReverse Engineer
Synergy / SynergiesETABenchmarkGap AnalysisScenario[s]
Up-SellVirtual / VirtualizationBUZZWORD BINGO
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Bottom LineGrowth
Band-aidSustainablePrototypePhaseLead The Field / Occupy The Field
High-LevelEmpower[ment]UpsidePortfolioCircle Back
Up to speedTouch BaseGrowthConvergentSegment
Emerging marketsEmpower[ment]Elephant in the roomReswizzleLow-Hanging Fruit
Big PictureSales DrivenBUZZWORD BINGO
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Heavy liftingOff the Shelf
Customer OrientedScopeTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO)FollowupBottom up
PerspectiveRun it up the flagpoleFunctionalityIntellectual PropertyReturn on Investment (ROI)
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