Gap AnalysisLeverageCall to ActionTechnologiesInitial Assessment
RelevanceUpsideTeam BuildingMarketing / Promotional CollateralGo to market
StrategyGranularBUZZWORD BINGO
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PartnerLow-Hanging Fruit
DifferentiationDynamicMeasurementInnovation / InnovatedEnd to end
Goal orientedCompetitiveOn The Same PageOn BoardSuccess
Best PracticeOn BoardBackward CompatibleBig PictureDashboard
Timeline(s)Touch BaseOut SourceRaising the BarCustomer Centric
No-BrainerNiche[s]BUZZWORD BINGO
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A-B TestingStreamlineAction Item / Action ItStrategizeEcosystem
Level SetOn The Same PageWalk the TalkCircle the wagonsMind Share
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