Someone in a Ventilation DuctVietnam veteranCop eating donutsSurvives big fall without parachuteHelicopter.
Someone has an eye patchAnnoying character becomes heroBad guy is EnglishVillain has a GoateeNosy Journalist
Gun out of bulletsCop close to retirementACTION MOVIE CLICHE BINGO
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Walking away from explosions and not looking backKidnapped relative
Good guy sustains lots of injuries and survivesCop threatened with suspensionBad guy explains his plan in detail to heroGood guy outruns natureHero kicks down a door
Someone declares themselves "too old for this"Government official turns out to be evilMis-matched partnersEthnic minority sidekickUnnecessary slow-mo
Gun out of bulletsBad guy explains his plan in detail to heroGuns that don't need reloadingKidnapped relativeMis-matched partners
Inappropriate suit wearingSomeone declares themselves "too old for this"Nosy JournalistGood guy outruns natureVillain has a Goatee
Annoying character becomes heroGood guy beats up group of baddies one at a timeACTION MOVIE CLICHE BINGO
(free square)
Cop eating donutsUnnecessary slow-mo
Good guy sustains lots of injuries and survivesGood guy is missed by hundreds of bulletsHacks into Government filesFruit cart is knocked overSomeone has an eye patch
Hero has sex at inappropriate timeEthnic minority sidekickCop threatened with suspensionHero kicks down a doorGang formed of only ethnic minorities
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