Live on QVCI Love This!Pounds per Wear/UseJump on the PhoneStock Up Now
Less Than 1/2 the Stock RemainingDeliciousOh My Gosh!!!Crisp White ShirtTransformational
Little Goes A Long WayGiftingQVC
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PhenominalFashion Forward
BreathtakingPuppy EarsBeautiful!FabricationFantastic
You’ll Fall In Love With ThisPerfect!TransitionalHow Clever/Cleverly Done!Loving This/That
AthleisureHow Clever/Cleverly Done!RemarkableProving Very PopularOn Point
Hero Product/ItemSelling Super FastTransformationalPhenominalLess Than 1/2 the Stock Remaining
Astonishing‘The Girls’QVC
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Fashion FocussedSpread That Cost
Pounds per Wear/UseDress it UpOh My Gosh!!!Jump on the PhoneClick It Through
So so PopularFantasticTo Die forHilariousThe Great Reveal

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