‘Go To’Absolutely!Statement PieceTropical MomentsThe Great Reveal
This is my Favourite!FantasticYou’ll Fall In Love With ThisIt's my FavouriteOh My Goodness
I'm not Kiddin YouI Love This!QVC
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‘The Girls’Crisp White Shirt
Dress it UpAthleisurePoint of DifferenceLuxuriousConsidered Purchase
Spread That CostLive on QVCHero Product/ItemBreathtakingArtisan
To Die forSelling Super FastLuxuriousGorgeousnessFashion Forward
BreathtakingIconicJump to those PhonesMix and MatchI Love This!
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How Clever/Cleverly Done!Perfect!
FabricationLittle Goes A Long WayExactly!Dress it UpQuality
DeliciousYou’ll Fall In Love With ThisMakes it PopI Need You on QCutLuxe Feel
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