A planet made of rocks, scrub brush.Spock performs a mind meld.Spock says "Fascinating".Spock gives an exact estimate.Obvious use of styrofoam.
Transporter malfunction.Prisoner escapes from security.Scene shot at Vasquez Rocks.Kirk does a karate/judo chop.Obvious stunt double in a fight-scene.
Spock says "Vulcans do not ___".McCoy and Spock argue.STAR TREK - THE ORIGINAL SERIES BINGO
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Time travel.McCoy insults Spock.
McCoy says "He's dead Jim".Band of light over Kirk's eyes."Red Alert".A redshirt gets killed.Super powerful alien race.
A phaser is used to heat rocks.Mystery music plays.Kirk kisses a woman.Kirk gets in a fist fight.McCoy says "I'm a doctor, not a ___"
Communications failure.Kirk kisses a woman.Obvious use of styrofoam.Super powerful alien race.McCoy and Spock argue.
Kirk gets in a fist fight.Kirk encourages Scotty to do something faster.A phaser is used to heat rocks.Kirk's shirt gets torn.Soft-light closeup on beautiful woman.
Spock says "Vulcans do not ___".Spock performs a mind meld.STAR TREK - THE ORIGINAL SERIES BINGO
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Transporter malfunction.Beads of sweat on Kirk's forehead.
Spock says "Illogical".McCoy insults Spock.Kirk does a karate/judo chop.Prisoner escapes from security.The bridge lurches in an attack.
Spock says "Fascinating".Spock gives an exact estimate.Scene shot at Vasquez Rocks.Love music plays.Obvious stunt double in a fight-scene.
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